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7 Tips for Removing Mold

Mold is a tricky combatant with several cards up its sleeve. To battle mold most effectively takes a balance of cleaning know-how and handyman skill. Crawl Space Remediation is the premiere mold remover for the greater Lafayette area. Years of experience have culminated in 7 tips to help you remove mold from your home.
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5 Signs You Should Do a Mold Test

Mold is one of those things that is not always obvious. But it is not an issue that is to be taken lightly. There are several health issues that come with mold. It is one of those silent killers that we at Crawlspace Remediation LLC in Lafayette, IN want to help with. These are some warning signs to mold that could help you protect your family.
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Attics, Like Crawlspaces, Develop Mold and Moisture

Attics, Like Crawlspaces, Develop Mold and Moisture

Similar to crawlspaces, attics are another place in the home that are rarely visited. It’s another one of those; out of sight out of mind kind of places. They are sweltering hot in the summer and brutally cold in the winter. This temperature change is the main reason attics develop mold. But wait, mold needs moisture to grow right? So what causes moisture in the attic?
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According to a study by the Mayo Clinic, nearly all chronic sinus infections are a result of mold. Since up to 40% of the air we breathe in the home can come from the crawlspace, mold in the crawlspace means mold in the home. The EPA recommends to keep humidity levels in the crawl space to 40%–50% to reduce the likelihood of mold formation.

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